Member Monday! Today we are highlighting Tony Acosta. Quick Biography: I was born and raised in New Jersey and now live in Anthem, Arizona with my wife Jessica and son Gehrig. I have served in motorsports ministry for over 20 years with a hiatus for about 6 years in that time. I specifically serve the motorcycle road racing community. (The guys and gals that drag their knees and elbows and go 200mph) I use to serve this community in a full-time basis but now fill in when there is a need. I also help facilitate a monthly zoom call for Motor Racing Outreach Associate Chaplains. These calls are intended to encourage, learn from and pray for each other. • Why did you join this community? I joined this community because I wanted to be connected with other chaplains throughout the world. I have enjoyed reading about and seeing the successes of chaplains in other sports. (Hand ball, football, soccer, etc.) • Why did you become a chaplain? Truth be told, I grew up a huge fan of car racing and as I came to know and grow in the Lord, I had a desire to reach those in the community. I worked at a local stock car track as a Chaplain for a year and half before being called to serve the motorcycle community. That year and half taught me a lot about ministry and not being starstruck by racers. When I started with motorcycle racing, I knew nothing about it so I was never a fan, just a servant. 20 years later, I have seen God use me in a lot of neat ways and am humbled he still uses me to encourage others in their relationship with Jesus. • Advice you would give to another chaplain. Take care of yourself and nurture your relationship with the Lord. I mentioned I took a 6-year break and that was because I was not taking care of myself, spiritually, mentally, physically etc. I was in no position to serve. It is by his grace, mercy, love and the love of my wife and other Chaplains that I have been able to travel again and help other Chaplains when and where needed. If you are tired and weary or in an unhealthy state, please seek other believers or feel free to reach out to me. • One way we can pray for you. Pray that God will give us guidance on how to serve other motorsports chaplains. I don’t travel to races as I use to, and I see God using me more and more in this way.

Posted by Hudson Belk at 2021-11-01 12:38:04 UTC