Its Member Monday! Today we have the privilege of highlighting Cristopher Robinson. Cristopher is from San Antonio, Texas. He married to Kristina and they have two boys, Michael and Zachary. He is the chaplain for the baseball program at Our Lady of the Lake University, and is an Episcopal priest serving in the Diocese of West Texas. Learn more from Cristopher as a chaplain below... • Why did you join this community? To connect with other chaplains to share experience, encouragement, and hope • Why did you become a chaplain? Because every Christian is called to be a blessing to the world. For most of us, the place where our skills, what we love to do, and what advances God’s kingdom all line up is a place outside of what we typically think of when we think of “church.” • Advice you would give to another chaplain? There are so many things to say about what God has done in this ministry context! Being present and caring about your athletes as people, not as athletes, is huge. We are seed planters; God will harvest in God’s proper time. • One way we can pray for you. That more of us would connect with each other for strength and encounragement.

Posted by Hudson Belk at 2021-08-30 18:38:28 UTC