Win Wednesday is an opportunity for us to share ways that we see God's grace at work through our Sports Chaplaincy Ministries. I quickly want to share just one question that someone asked me that was very encouraging. This person has a lot of influence on our teams and has gotten involved in our ministry. The win was that he said something to the effect of... "I really want to learn more about Christ and what it looks like to follow Him in my life. I have a very busy schedule but I want to learn more. I spend a good amount of time driving to and from work. Could you give me the top podcasts that I should be listening to to help me grow in my knowledge of God and how to live for His glory?" That was a win as I see God at work in his heart increasing His desire to grow in Christ! Please share below if you have any other wins you would like to share!

Posted by Hudson Belk at 2021-06-23 19:24:34 UTC