It’s that time again - Member Monday! Today’s Member Spotlight is with Mark Jones from Richmond, Maine in the US. Here is what Mark had to say when we interviewed him… Q: Who do you provide chaplaincy for? Mark: I am the character coach for Bates College FB in Lewiston, as well as a volunteer spiritual advisor of Christian Faith at the same school. I also volunteer as a character coach for athletics at Bowdoin College. Q: Why did you join this community? Mark: I have learned a lot from those who have been doing this longer than myself. I want to connect with others and continue to learn as well as pass on what I have learned and encourage others Q: What’s your all time favorite sporting moment? Mark: I gotta say 1996, Kerri Strug with a vault and a messed-up ankle winning gold for the US. It just showed an incredible amount of strength and desire to finish strong what you begin Q: Best advice you’ve been given as a chaplain? Mark: “Be seen, be known, be heard” from Roger Lipe (who is also a member of this community!! ) Q: One way we can pray for you ? Mark: That more doors will continue to open, not just for ministry opportunities, but for hearts to turn more towards Christ Thank you for sharing with us Mark. Let’s encourage him in the comments below!!

Posted by Stephen Jackson at 2021-06-14 17:57:30 UTC