This weeks Member Spotlight (we will be back on our regular Monday schedule next week) comes from the small town of Troutman, just north of Charlotte, NC and home of Ken Cross. Here’s more on Ken: Q: Who do you provide chaplaincy for? A: I have been the team chaplain for the Charlotte 49ers Women’s Basketball teams, under one coach, that play in the Conference USA as a division 1 university. It is also my pleasure to do the same for the Queens University Men’s Basketball teams for the last decade and have had 2 head coaches. Q: What has been your favorite sports moment? A: My daughter Margaret, who later was both an all conference player in both basketball and soccer, was playing basketball in high school. I served as the traveling stat man for the team and went to every game. Her team was losing by 2 points and the other team was on the foul line. They missed, 2 passes and Margaret took the last shot from 3 point range and the buzzer blew while the ball was in the air. SWISH! The next season, I was talking to the opposing coach of the losing team and he said he talked about Margaret to the team all off season saying, “She was not going to let her team lose, she had confidence based on a lot of practice!” I’m a proud Dad. Q: What’s the best advice you’ve received? A: I have trained chaplains in my role with CEDESPORTS, but the best advice I have received is to get to know the trainers well. They know everything that is going on with the team and will let you know where you should spend the most time and who needs special attention. Q: How can we pray with you? A: Last year with Covid restrictions both of my teams lived in a bubble and I could not even go on campus. Pray that this summer I will be able to again have full access and get to know all the new players. Thanks for being with us and sharing with us Ken!

Posted by Stephen Jackson at 2021-05-27 11:26:23 UTC