Hey Chaplains!! Today’s Member Monday Spotlight is with Hudson Belk! Here’s some info to help us get to know Hudson better... Q: Where do you live? A: Huntersville, North Carolina Q: What sport are you providing chaplaincy for? A: NASCAR (auto racing) Q: Why did you join this community? A: I am excited to hear how God is working through chaplaincy around the world. I have already been blessed by connecting with some different chaplains I did not know and building relationships with them. These relationships have already been an encouragement to my ministry and spurred me on with new ideas for chaplaincy. Connecting with others and encouragement are probably the two driving factors for me being a part. Q: What’s your favorite hobby? A: Playing sports and doing anything active. This includes working out, running, playing tennis or being a part of any competitive game! Q: What’s a book you are reading right now? A: “Hope In Times of Fear” by Tim Keller “Fault Lines” by Voddie Baucham “The Magician’s Nephew” by CS Lewis (w/ my 3 daughters) Q: What’s one way we can pray for you as a chaplain? A: Faithfulness and passion as we begin to transition out of more strict COVID protocols. Let’s join in prayer for Hudson and his ministry! So thankful to have him (and all of you) in this community!

Posted by Stephen Jackson at 2021-05-10 16:57:17 UTC