Good day everyone! Today we are launching Win Wednesday! Every Wednesday we will feature a short “win” or success and invite you to comment with your own “win” if you’d like to share! This weeks WIN will be one I personally experienced just a few weeks ago. I recently moved to a new city in South Carolina (USA) to serve as a chaplain for the professional soccer team here and launch a soccer sports ministry. With only a few contacts in the city I knew it would take time forming relationships and gaining trust. A week after moving I was connected with the director of a local soccer organization who I went on a soccer missions trip with over 10 years ago! I did not know he lived here! We have reconnected and he is helping me form new relationships and open doors much quicker than if I was on my own! I’m so thankful for the relationship with this friend and his partnership in the city! Do you have a recent “Win” you’d like to share with us? Comment below 👇and share with us! #winwednesday

Posted by Stephen Jackson at 2021-04-28 13:45:51 UTC