Good afternoon SCC App members! My name is Stephen Jackson and I couldn’t be more excited about this new community and resource to help all of us grow and develop as chaplains in the sports world! I serve as a chaplain with a professional soccer team in the USA and I’m honored to be the group admin for the Soccer Chaplains in the USA group here on the app. My goal is to get this group up and running next week with some introductions, videos, content, and ways we can engage and connect as soccer chaplains in the USA. If you are a soccer chaplain at any level here in the USA please take a second to request to join the Group! Simply go to the top and search for the group “Soccer Chaplains in the USA” and request to join! When you request tell me a little bit about yourself and where you are serving! Thanks and whenever you are in the world right now I hope you have a beautiful weekend! - Stephen

Posted by Stephen Jackson at 2021-03-26 17:35:21 UTC