Happy Monday everyone. 👋🏼I am so excited to have this new group where we can get to know one another! Each week, I'll highlight different organizations and members in this group. If you are new or have been here a while, please introduce yourself. Today I'd like to welcome CEDE Sports to The Sports Chaplains Community! The mission of CEDE Sports is to Mobilize Churches and Chaplains Through Sports. "Our hope is that God continues to use this universal language of SPORTS to allow His people to reach and disciple others for his glory." Join me in giving a warm welcome to @Armenio Anjos @Bob Dyar - Community Host @Bob Schindler @Connice Dyar @Cristopher Robinson @Ed Reule @Graciano Viliengue @Hudson Belk @jairo Niño @Javier Zarate @Javier Zarate 2 @Jeff Fox @Jon Barrett @Jon Wehner @Jorge Pratas @Julio Bautista @Julius Daka @Ken Cross @Lucas Jorge @Max Schaafsma @Michael & Nina Schaafsma @Raqel Currie @Thomas G Plogue @Yazi Adamu Share a post to tell us about your ministry work and a fun fact about yourself!

Posted by Victoria Montano at 2021-12-20 15:21:09 UTC